Conserving Community Folk Heritage Sites in Scotland

Who makes up the network?

Network Membership

The Woven Land Network is made up of a mixed group of people from over Scotland. We have members from the Scottish Borders all the way up to the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

The Network is not affiliated with a single religion. We are legion as they say. We have representatives from Abrahamic and Pagan faiths, agnostics, Buddhists, and those with no religion at all.

The network is made up of lots of different people. From different walks of life. With different experiences. We are scientists, story tellers, herbalists, folklorists, ethnologists, artists, poets, creative writers, travellers, hair dressers, photographers, people with additional support needs, academics, historians, job seekers, young and old and anyone in between, people with mental health issues and people from all parts of the gender and sexuality spectrum.

You might find us a rag tag bunch. I think we are pretty much a reflection of the beautiful multitudes. We are a microcosm of  Scotland’s huge melting pot. We are Diverse. This is why we developed the values together. So everyone can feel welcome and no one feel excluded.

A Curious Mix

This might seem like a strange group of people to come together and work at conserving the folkloric community heritage of Scotland. I’ve often wondered how this came about. I think it demonstrates the love folks in Scotland have for our community heritage across all walks of life.

We collectively acknowledge the importance of the land we live in and how it brings us together. Not only that we can all, from our different points of view, understand the particular important qualities these different areas of folkloric heritage hold for us.

Folk sites draw you in. Allow you to dream. To let go. To be still. They re-enchant us all in different ways. We might not agree as to HOW this is but we realise collectively the WHY is very important to conserve. The role places such as holy wells, springs standing stones, cairns etc have in our community and culture are important to all of us and what has brought us to this network of oddities.